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So you have an empty room just waiting to earn you an income?

Simply type in your postcode in the box below and a list of agents available to assist you will come up.

Fill in your details on the nearest agent's request form and they will get back to you as promptly as they can.

They will do all the leg work.

They will advise on any changes needed to your property,ensure you have the right documentation, they will take high-quality photographs and upload your advert onto the site.

They will contact you with suitably vetted lodgers for your room.

It really is that simple.




Terms & Conditions

Elodge.space Terms and conditions

Please read these carefully to understand the legally binding terms associated with the use of the Elodge.space platform.Please note that these terms and conditions will be updated regularly.


Agents are responsible to using high quality and suitable equipment in creating and uploading adverts.Poor quality images or adverts will be rejected.

We check and approve all adverts before they are uploaded.We minimise the risk of liability by verifying with the host that they consent to the finished advert before it is published on our platform.However any adverts placed including their accuracy, errors by commision and omission are your responsibility.We reserve the right to refuse to list or remove any advert that have inadvertently uploaded unto our platform under the following circumstances-Adverts that have been been found to be in violation of any copyright laws.Adverts using improper language,indecent or inappropriate images and images invading the privacy of any persons. Images that we have been instructed to remove by law.Adverts from agents who are practising illegally or unlawfully. Any fees paid for these adverts will not be refunded.

Furthermore agents must safeguard from uploading corrupted files or files containing malware or any other software that could damage the platform.

Agents must not send junkmail,spam or bulkmail to clients under our agreement.Neither may they forward contact details provided by us to any third party without explicit consent from the client.

All agents must be registered with either of these dispute management schemes

The Property Ombudsman (https://www.tpos.co.uk)
The Property Redress Scheme (https://www.theprs.co.uk)

No multiple adverts are allowed for the same property.

Also adverts must show real photgraphs of the rooms being let.No misleading photographs are allowed.

The room being advertised must be the room being let.If multiple rooms are being let photos of the property in general may be repeated,but the actual room to be let must be clear.



Prospective tenants must be at least 18 years old.

Please be aware that there will be a vetting preliminary vetting process before any viewing is carried out to protect the live in landlord or any other resident in the property.

Viewings may be carried out by the agent or land lord.

Tenants must dress appropriately and be respectful during viewings especially if there are children in the property.In some cases a CRB check may be requested.

House rules must be strictly adhered to especially pertaining to  but not exclusive to noise,guests and cleanliness of communual areas,cleanliness of the rented room.

No charge is taken from tenants by the platform.However estate agents' fees will be charged directly by the letting agent.

Elodge.space refuses any liability for financial disputes between tenants and agents.However all our agents are governed strictly by the usual property management laws and are bound to use tenancy deposit schemes and dispute management schemes.



Hosts may be live in or live out landlords.

Live in hosts,must dress appropriately and be respectful of lodgers and their privacy.

The hosts must produce legal documentation requested by the agent letting out the room.

Elodge.space refuses any liability for financial disputes between hosts and agents.However all our agents are governed strictly by the usual property management laws and are bound to use tenancy deposit schemes and dispute management schemes.

In the event of a breakdown of the relationship between a host and agent,the host may reqest a different agent.However any work ( such as photographs,adverts already published) done by the original agent will be kept by the agent.Also any liability for agents fees for work done will be considered on a case by case basis and may be referred to a dispute resolution scheme.

Disputes between Hosts and lodgers should be referred to the agent in the first instance.If the dispute cannot be resolved by the agent,it will be escalated to a dispute resolution agent.